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ContiTech is located in Hanover-Vahrenwald, which is also one of its production sites. It is an old, five-storey factory, a monster from times past. I am commissioned to paint murals for the canteen. Mr Hauser is the cook at one of the canteens. We agree on motifs that focus on the preparation and eating of food. The communication department had specified that it wanted pictures all around the factory that represented the products of ContiTech and the international character of the company. International cooking is the compromise. We have a picture of Kazakhs who have just finished slaughtering sheep, Uzbeks selling lemons, Mexicans and Sven Hedin sitting on a picnic blanket and lighting a pipe on an expedition through Inner Mongolia for the smoking room. Smoking is popular. Especially among the kitchen staff in breaks. Alcohol, however, is strictly forbidden and the pictures are not allowed to represent any alcohol, says Mr Meyer. Mr Meyer is head of Human Resources. He sees the pictures as windows that lead you to other thoughts for moment. Just like the man with the lemons on the canteen wall. What's he laughing about anyway, says Mr Meyer and I am pleased.

The colleagues are very nice. You've got a job and that's the main thing says one of them and pats me on the shoulder.

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