hauptsache man hat arbeit
The laboratory has asked for a series of paintings of testing instruments. For the sake of equality, the number of testing instruments from the different laboratory sections has to be the same. In the lab I learned that raw rubber is perishable. This is why it's smoked and smells like ham. That's all very well, says Mr Fiss, but natural rubber has actually decreased in importance. Synthetic rubber is made from crude oil, as is the carbon black with which the rubber is dyed. The whole factory is full of carbon black.
The cook in the second canteen has requested a landscape and a picture with the name of the canteen - the Autokantine - in it. I spend ages painting a mountain range. It is ten metres wide and I'm very proud of it. When it's finished I get half a fried chicken for lunch, a dish reserved for special guests.

zeichnung laborofen